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Good news by admin.

Started by admin Aug 26th, 2022 at 17:06
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Hello all friends,
I really appreciate your patience and your prayers for me.
I know all users are very disappointed because I'm not active from the last couple of months but now I'm fully recovered and I will answer your tickets and complete your payment requests one by one just make a little bit more patience like last days.

First of all, I will pay those users who did not recover their investment and then I will pay all other members.

Every user will be able to get just 2 payments in every month until we pay the all pending payments so I need your support to manage this big gap and pray for Roketbit I will do my best for you.

And all new users will get their payments according to our membership rules this rule is just for our old members.

Please follow these instructions because it's good for our website stability.

Now I'm starting to reply to the all waiting tickets and I retest all the website is working normally or not. If anyone of you has faced any bugs so please submit a ticket and help us to find the errors.

I will be starting paying from the first week of September.

Best Regards,
Roketbit & Dipbux Admin.
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Welcome back Admin.
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Ok, Thank you for udating very good news, dear admin!

I'm looking forwards to getting your reply for my support ticket. Thanks again!

Welcome back, dear!
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Welcome back admin
take your time

greets Pluto1
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Good news
Welcome back
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Thanks god, you come again. welcome again.
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Quote: pluto1
Welcome back admin
take your time

greets Pluto1
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Welcome back. Nice to see you healthy again.