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Monthly Promotion!!!

Started by admin Jun 22nd, 2022 at 09:44
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We have started our second project (Dipbux) as you know.
Thanks for your efforts and your love for our projects.
We’re going to offer a discount to all of you on our all Memberships so hurry up and upgrade your account.

1. Bit_Monthly === $5.25 (25% Discount)
2. BitBig_Monthly =$36 (20% Discount)
3. Bit_Yearly ==== $67.15 (20% Discount)
4. BitBig_Yearly == $468 (10% Discount)

You will get 1 Rental referral on every $5 deposit.
If you have any questions send a support ticket.

Best Regards,
Team Roketbit and Dipbux.
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if i upgrade what i earn profit without rr and dr